Do I have to wait for someone to nominate me/my business or do I enter myself/my business? 

No, nominations are only completed for our 2 people choice categories. The other 19 categories are by entry only, so you will need to complete the entry form and pay the entry fee for your business to be included in the awards.


Can I enter multiple categories?

Yes you can enter as many categories as you like, remember though each category requires a submission so don’t take on too much. Each category is $40.


How is it judged?

The awards are judged by the submission you supply. The people’s choice categories are judged by the general public, through online voting only, only one vote per IP address is counted.


Who are the judges?

The judges range from various fields of expertise, they are not based in Bathurst and have no affiliation to the Bathurst Business Chamber or any of our suppliers or sponsors. The judges can change from year to year, some are even located interstate.


Why do I have to put in my turnover?

If your business happens to win at our awards and it is a NSW Business Chamber category, your submission automatically goes in as a finalist to the NSW Regional awards, the turnover category is required to be completed for this process.


What does my $40 entry fee go towards?

Your entry fee goes towards the running of the awards.


It costs a lot to attend the dinner, what does my ticket costs go to?

It goes towards all aspects of running the Awards night including catering, entertainment, venue hire…to name a few


Does the Chamber make any money out of it?

The Chamber is a not for profit, if any profit is made from the event ($129 in 2016), that money goes back into the running of the following year’s awards. The 2016 awards injected $82,000 back into the Bathurst business community.


Who is this year’s charity?

The charity is run strictly by Daybreak Rotary, the 2017 charity is Lifeline Central West


Do I need to advertise with the Western Advocate to win?

How you decide to market your business is entirely up to yourself and your marketing budget. The Western Advocate or any other advertising agency have no sway on the voting process.